Finding Myself Overcoming Abuse, Heartbreak and Loss Then, Finding True Love

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About the Book

Are you in an abusive relationship? Suffered from low self-esteem, self-worth, self-confidence, feeling lost, alone or depressed? Are you in in a relationship/marriage and extremely unhappy but feel there is no way out? Have you suffered from loss or heartbreak in your life? Then this book is for you.

About Nicole Moehring

I am a Mom • Wife • First-Time Author • Survivor • Award Winning Advocate & Speaker

I am the founder of a nonprofit organization, Voices of Change 2018 (VOC18), an advocate and public speaker

I chose to share my personal story of the years of abuse, survival, and the difficult road to recovery, because these are systemic issues which affect society. 

I hope my story, strength, bravery, persistence, courage, and determination will inspire someone else to keep going and never give up.

My first book, Finding Myself, Overcoming Abuse, Heartbreak and Loss Then, Finding True Love is available in paperback and eBook on

Part of the proceeds will be donated to my Nonprofit Organization, Voices of Change 2018. To learn more about Voices of Change 2018, please visit,