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Guest Blogger / Exceptional Needs Today  - Eliminating the Stigma of Abuse for Children with Disabilities

Exceptional Needs Today -
Preventing the Maltreatment of Children With Exceptional Needs

4/1/2022 -
Exceptional Needs Today - 
Safety Goals with Nicole - April 2022

Coffee and Cocoa - I was honored to be a guest, along with Janet Taylor, Founder of Parents Never Give Up on Coffee & Cocoa, talking about Tough Topics

Exceptional Needs Today - I am honored to be writing a column for Exceptional Needs Today online publication. This is an incredible opportunity to educate the public and create more awareness to reduce the risk of abuse for children with disabilities.
January 2022 is my first publication for the magazine.

Visible Kindness Podcast - PART 2 of 2, WITH Nicole Moehring. My guest, Nicole Moehring has 2 children that were BOTH sexually abused.  Her son has autism and her story of seeking justice through her nonprofit, demands attention from each one of us.  This is part 2 of 2 episodes.

The Hinckley Record - Nicole Moehring, Founder of Voices of Change 2018, was interviewed by the Hinckley Record. The article is on page 20.

Visible Kindness Podcast - Part 1 of 2, Nicole Moehring is the Founder of Voices of Change 2018 (VOC), a nonprofit whose mission is to reduce the risk of sexual abuse for children with disabilities. Nicole has a daughter and an autistic son who are victims of sexual abuse and assault. In her pursuit of justice, she was shocked to see the difference in how the justice system believed her daughter and was treated so well, yet her son was not. She felt like her son didn’t matter. Her experience inspired her to create Voices of Change to educate families and the public to prevent others from experiencing her unimaginable nightmare. Today, she serves on the Ohio Attorney General Committee for Crime Victims with Disabilities. She works with legislators to change and pass laws to enforce more robust policies and create best practices for reporting child abuse and processing cases. And just last year, she received the annual ‘Crucial Point Award’ presented to people and organizations that delve beyond the surface of sex crimes to focus on overlooked niches of survivorship.
Nicole is a first-time author of
- “Finding Myself – Overcoming abuse, heartbreak, and loss, then finding true love.”
- And she is currently writing her second book, “Finding My Voice.”
Nicole resides in Hinckley, OH, with her husband, Chris, and her two children.

Divorce Talk with Twyla Radio Show – This episode of Divorce Talk with Twyla is a story of perseverance and how Author Nicole Moehring fought to get justice for her children that were sexually abused.

Autism Advocate Parenting Magazine "Sexual Abuse of Children with Autism, A Mother's Story." Our Founder, Nicole Moehring was interviewed by Autism Advocating Parenting Magazine.

Adversity Bites Podcast Aric. Morrison speaks with Voices of Change 2018 Founder Nicole Moehring. She shares the journey of a family discovering the true horror associated with sexual abuse in children, and how the legal system failed her. If you look up                     the word survivor in the dictionary, figuratively there is a picture right there!

Slam the Gavel Nicole Moehring, Author And Founder Of Voices Of Change 2018 And Her Mission To Reduce Risk Of Sexual Abuse For Children With Disabilities

Talk Downs Syndrome Podcast On today's TALK episode we have founder of Voices of Change, Nicole Moehring. Voices of Change is a nonprofit organization dedicated to reducing the risk of sexual abuse of children with special needs through advocacy, preventative education, support, guidance, and resources.

This episode has a trigger warning to our listeners as we discuss heavy topics of sexual abuse among our disabled community. Nicole not only shares her personal experiences as mother of two children of special needs who are victims of sexual abuse, but also as an advocate for herself. Grab a tissue box or a sledge hammer, because this one got me ready to fight along side Nicole to protect our babies.

Never Give Up Talk Radio

ComebaCK Interview #148 with Nicole Moehring - Voices of Change 2018

Communication Cards for Children with Disabilities In partnership with The Mama Bear Effect, we have curated over 50 Communication Cards to help introduce the concepts of private parts and body safety! We are SO excited to make these available for FREE to support the empowerment of children who are at such a high risk to experience sexual abuse. These cards are free to download and use on smart devices, free to print and laminate, or use in presentations. We do NOT permit altering, republishing on other sites, or using these images in commercial products. Available through and

Episode 61 Dr.305s Show “Lets Talk Health.” My Special Guest is Nicole Moehring; Professional Founder of the Non Profit   Organization Voices of Change, Author of “Finding Myself,” Advocate, Survivor, and Speaker for those with disabilities from sexual abuse

Nicole Moehring, Founder of Voices of Change 2018 and Kathy Butler, Founder of Comfort in The Storm. "We are just two moms doing the MOST – Moms of Survivors Talk"

2021 Crucial Point Award Recipients  THE U.P. Crucial Point Award is an annual award given to people and organizations that delve beyond the surface of sex crimes to focus on overlooked niches of survivorship. They then bring these specific topics to mainstream platforms to increase public awareness and effectively drive social change. Winners of this award demonstrate a clear understanding of the specific needs of the sexual assault and abuse survivorship community and help implement real solutions.

Start a Conversation with Kristine Irwin, Founder of Voices of Hope 2015 - Nicole Moehring and Kristine Irwin had the opportunity to discuss Voices of Change 2018 and Nicole's new book release, Finding Myself.

Mother turns to advocacy after both children are sexually abused: "Unbelievable nightmare that I’ll never wake up from"

The Landscape, Naveh Elder, Nicole Moehring, Voices of Change 2018
April is Child Abuse Awareness Month and Child Sexual Abuse Awareness Month. @nicole_moehring_voc founded @voicesofchange2018 to share their person story and build access to safety, healing and justice for sexually abused children with disabilities through advocacy, education and collaboration. It’s a topic that isn’t talked about enough, so make sure to listen to this amazing advocate and leader in the latest episode.

Mama Bear Effect - Nicole Moehring and Adrianne Simone, Founder of The Mama Bear Effect  - Talked about the importance of education of prevention to reduce the risk of sexual abuse.

Child Abuse Prevention Month Speaker Series, Hosted by Comfort in the Storm Guest on Instagram Live Stream

Coffee with Cocoa Guest on Facebook Live

Self-Published Author, “Finding Myself: Overcoming Abuse, Heartbreak and Loss Then, Finding True Love” 2021, copyrighted. Available on and

Child Welfare Professionals. Guest on Instagram Live Stream

National Association of Adult Survivors of Child Abuse. Special guest on this episode

Speaker at The Ohio Association of County Boards (OACB) Convention. LIVING THROUGH ABUSE FROM A PARENT'S PERSPECTIVE This session will review the journey that a parent experienced when her son with a disability was abused. The presenter will share the challenges and obstacles she faced in getting justice for her child and how those barriers led her to start a non-profit organization, Voices of Change, that is dedicated to giving a voice to families and people with disabilities. Presenter: Nicole Moehring, Founder, Voices of Change 2018.

Guest Panelist, We are HER, Trauma Recovery Panel

Speaker at The Ohio Attorney General Annual Conference/Ohio Systems Collaborating to Protect Victims with Developmental Disabilities. Ohio Attorney General Annual Conference/Ohio Systems Collaborating to Protect Victims with Developmental Disabilities

Guest on We are HER, Podcast


Guest on Unveil your Voice, Podcast

Guest on Heal with Kevin McNeil, Podcast

News 5 Cleveland. Failure to Protect, Justice for our Most Vulnerable. Interviewed by Sarah Buduson.

Guest speaker at The Brunswick Fraternal Order of Eagles. The Brunswick Eagles, Women’s Meeting.

National Association of Adult Survivors of Child Abuse. Special guest on this episode.


I was asked to write an article for The Children’s Center of Medina County, from a parent of a child with a disability, their perspective of when a child discloses, they have been abused. When A Child Tells You, They Have Been Abused.