Nicole Moehring bravely speaks the painful truth and empowers others to follow her example by showing the way a family can work together to face every difficulty.đź’ś"

Betty ReichFriend, Facebook Review

 I am so happy Nicole has shared her story with the world! Uplifting, encouraging, courageous!"

Imara MosesAmazon, Verified Purchase

 Highly recommend reading this. Real. Raw. Heartfelt. Emotional and full of real life experiences people aren’t talking about! Kudos to the author!!!!!"

Melissa1Barns and Noble Review

 I love her honesty and dedication to not let abusers have the upper hand. She helps the abused to have a voice."

Maddy HeskethFacebook Review

 Nicole has so much strength. She's fighting every day to make this world better for survivors. And Voices of Change is an amazing organization for survivors."

Stevie CroisantFounder, We are HER

 If you are looking for a source of hope and strength, this book is it. After all the struggles and heartache she has gone through, Nicole continues to lean on the love on her heart and the innate drive to bring good into the world."

Amazon CustomerAmazon Review

 Nicole’s book is honest, heartfelt, raw and real. It’s a must read! Thank you for sharing your story to encourage others that they aren’t alone and to empower people by your strength, determination and bravery. You have given me so much hope on my own journey."

Natalie GraceFacebook Review

 This is a powerful and motivational book written by an excellent author. All that Ms. Moehring endured and overcame is a testament to her strength, resilience, and bravery. I highly recommend purchasing this book."

LBAmazon, Verified Purchase

 Nicole Moehring is the definition of strength, integrity, perseverance and determination. She is using her pain to fight for changes to help others. She is a beautiful woman, inside and out. I am honored to know her and have referred many individuals to her and her organization."

Harper Allen

 I believe this book will open many eyes about this terrible problem of physical and mental abuse. This woman is amazing and has done a great deal with this book. I recommend that everyone read it and encourage all of your friends and family to do the same!"

Dianne MillerAmazon Review

 Nicole is a true champion and advocate for ending sexual violence. I have had the opportunity to work with Nicole for the past 3 years and she is dedicated, organized, and compassionate. Her drive will help her continue to grow her non-profit, Voices of Change. If you have the opportunity to work with her, you won't regret."

Kristine Irwine, MBAFounder, Voices of Hope 2015

 Nicole is an extremely humble individual with an amazing heart! She empowers and inspires others to want to be better. She has had such a positive impact in so many lives. Nicole’s book, Finding Myself, is a powerful testament that someone can go through the darkest times and rise above! I highly recommend reading it!"

Joyce BoyerPurchased Finding Myself on

 What a true testimony to how you can go through anything and come out on the other side! I am going through similar situations and a friend recommended Ms. Moehring's book to me. I am so glad I read it. Thank you for being so vulnerable and sharing your story to help others! Life Changing, Inspirational, Emotional, Quick Read, Couldn't Put It Down"

Veronica211Barns and Noble Review

 The author did a great job of bringing us on the journey with her. She shared important details and moments of discovery that let us understand how abuse can start, without us realizing it, be able to persist even though it's not wanted. I'm thankful to Nicole for her vulnerability and transparency. This book is both a guide and cautionary tale that can help so many, especially survivors."

TL RobinsonAmazon, Verified Purchase

 Such an inspiring read! I could not put this book down. The author has a way of telling her story in such a beautiful way. She makes you feel as if you are not alone regardless of what you may be going through, and that it is ok to get the help that you may need. The book is very relatable, if not for yourself, for friends and family that you know have gone through similar trials and tribulations. I didn’t want it to end!"

KatieAmazon, Verified Purchase

 It is pleasure to be able to write a recommendation for Nicole. I have been acquainted with Nicole over the past 3 years on a professional level. Nicole is diligent, insightful and inspiring. Nicole works from the 'Heart" and is tireless in her work. Nicole has presented at our Statewide professional development events as a featured speaker for OACB and the Ohio Attorney General Conference, Crime Victims with Developmental Disabilities. Nicole received both high ratings and positive comments for her presentations at both events."

William (Willie) Jones L.S.W. CTRSDirector Health, Safety and Wellness at OACB

 This book is a quick read chock full of inspiring stories, with an underlying message to trust your gut. I felt moved by Nicole’s optimistic perseverance; she details how trusting her instincts and choosing to think positively can truly be life changing. Such a wonderful reminder during these crazy and unprecedented times! Do yourself a favor and read her book to remind yourself of the power of love and optimism."

SusieAmazon Review

 I cried from beginning to end. Raw. True. Honest. Real. The author writes about uncomfortable topics we need to be discussing as a society, What a journey she has been on but her perseverance and determination to make sure she would rise above is phenomenal! She is an inspiration! Thank you for sharing your vulnerable side and showing others it’s ok to use your voice! This is a MUST READ!!!!! I’m so sorry for your heartaches but so glad you found yourself and overcame so much!"

ChristinaPowells Review

 Nicole is an amazing woman of strength. Society needs to learn to be the voice for our children and she is making it possible with the awareness of educational guidance and protection for our children. It also gives a chance for others to share their stories of being a victim of abuse. I am extremely proud of the work she has done and highly recommend her this activism to go nationally."

Roanne Hancock LisiFriend, Facebook Review

 Nicole is a true crusader in every sense of the word!! She works tirelessly for her 2 children and advocates on their behalf. But Nicole also opens herself up to helping all people! Many of us have benefited from her work and never-ending support! she is one outstanding, extraordinary person!!"

Carol McnuttFacebook Review

 One womans story of overcoming mental abuse, marital problems and many sad disappointments with tring to become a mother. Staying strong and continuing to become an advocate for woman and children comes together in her book. An encouraging story that one can get through many adversities in life."

Pat M.Amazon Review

 If you are looking for a source of hope and strength, this book is it. After all the struggles and heartache she has gone through, Nicole continues to lean on the love on her heart and the innate drive to bring good into the world."

Amazon CustomerAmazon Review

 Just finished your book and cried, cheered, and a whole array of emotions. Your strength is amazing and you are an admirable advocate! This is a great read. Candid and honest. Everyone should read this!!"

Belinda PuchajdaFacebook Review

 â€śI didn’t want sympathy. I wanted to support. There is a huge difference between those two things. I am not a person who plays the role of a victim. I play the cards life deals me, good or bad.” Life doesn’t always go as planned. Well, that is what happened with Nicole Moehring. This book is a short collection of events that took place in Nicole’s life which, first broke her and then made her. Throughout the book, she tells how she survived all the downs of her life and of course it wasn’t easy. Nicole always wanted to be married and be a mom. But after getting married to her first husband, Gary, they discovered that Gary couldn’t get her pregnant and this broke her heart. Later on, after trying a lot of other ways, she decided to go for adoption. She adopted two children, Maci and Evan, both of them had medical issues and not the normal ones. But Nicole was very sure that she was chosen to be their mom for a reason and she would do anything in her power to protect them and she did. They both are happy and healthy today. Her husband abused her physically, mentally and psychologically. She divorced him and began a new life. She was finally free. Over time, she met Chris at her office, got close, fell in love and got married again. Chris is her constant support and all her dreams of having a family have come true. This book, I believe, is a brilliant initiative in bringing all this knowledge in front of the youth which ignores abuse, whatever kind it may be. What I like about Nicole’s writing was that she constantly believed her “gut feeling” and that led her to the correct path. Also, she always thought that certain things “would never happen to her” but they did and she fought. This book is a kind of autobiography and a journal. With the length of only one hundred pages, it is easy to consume. “Finding Myself” by Nicole Moehring is an inspiring and strengthening short booklet that can prove to be very influential to many readers. I’d recommend this to readers who prefer case studies, those who have gone through some kind of abuse in their lives and those who are unable to speak about their sadness. This book will stand by you."

Gaurika GandhiGood Reads Review

 Author Nicole Moehring, has penned down a extremely well articulated journey of a lady, her upbringing, her dreams, her desires, her experience etc. This book is definitely a emotional roller coaster ride in each and every aspect. The story has life's every aspect and perspective like, feelings, emotions, honesty, depravity, achievements, lost battles etc. The content of this story will definitely be a morale boost for a lot of emotionally broken or people those who have seen a lot in their lives. The 104 page book, will take you through all riddles of life. Its a story of a young beautiful girl with all natural and next door aspirations of being a perfect human being and to be like her own mother. At times with her dreams and desires she has her own way of deciding things of her own. Even after having a loving affair, things dint turn and she had to move on by marrying someone by the peer pressure of her family and close friends. All is going well, till she gets the first surprise of her life that she cannot be impregnated as her beloved husband has a uncommon disease, due to which she cannot become pregnant naturally. Over the time, even after personal decisions and social pressure, they both decide to get insemination, but this was against their own religious catholic Godmen whom they have believed over the years. As time moved , they thought of adoption, and finally after fulfilling all the formalities, they were shattered when at the last moment the birth parent denied to let go of their son. This time, she was shattered. Emotions, feelings excitement all again back to square one. There was a time when they both gave hoped an started living live normally. For the husband, got lost amongst is work, office colleagues, bar, etc and for her, she began to believe that she was born with bad stars. The story takes a further tragic turn, when she gets a chance of adoption again, and this for a beautiful princess. Time changes and she and her husband rejoiced after a long time with smiles on their faces and thankful to GOD for giving them another chance only till the day to find out that their child has a permanent medical condition PKD a significant kidney disease. The story of a single mom raised girl, who has always dreamt of just having the same desires and cravings of a normal teenage girl. A failed affair, a non reluctant marriage, followed by unexpected pregnancy issues. The story is not for the faint hearted. definitely What made me write such review of the book, is because, this is the story of millions of people around the globe who have been a victim of low self-esteem, self-worth, self-confidence, feeling lost, alone or depressed because of being in an unhappy relationship and feel there is no way out. So what happens to the protagonist of the story , referred to as SHE above. Author Nicole, with such simple, extremely empathetic, charismatic language, hopes that with her story of strength, bravery, persistence, courage, and determination will inspire someone else to keep going and never give up. This book will actually help you understand the actual meaning of RESILIENCE. And definitely for all those souls out there who are fighting their daily battles in one way or the other, they should definitely buy this book (Finding Myself) in order to Find Themselves. Part of the proceeds will be donated to Nicole’s Nonprofit Organization, Voices of Change 2018. To learn more about Voices of Change 2018, please visit,"

Nasim KhanGood Reads Review